Being able to start a fire without matches or a lighter is an extremely useful skill. Using the firebox method, or flint & steel is not difficult, but it will take patience, consistency and the know how to properly start a fire. The 2 hour workshop will give a basic understanding of all the aspects involved with making a fire. This backcountry skill is one of the most useful techniques a camper can learn and will give the confidence for someone to start a fire even in the most difficult conditions.



Areas that are covered:

  • Covering the basic principles of fire methods using friction and going through them step by step in a safe environment so they’re easily understood.
  • Selecting the best ingredients will determine success or failure at making a fire. Understanding the elements required (i.e. kindling, firewood, etc.) and being prepared to use them at the appropriate time,  is just as important as creating the ember.
  • Using friction and motion to produce an ember is not simple and practicing is the best way to perfect the technique.
  • Being efficient and prepared will turn that ember into flame.

Additional skills:

  • Acceptable tinder
  • Different fuel selections
  • Building and using tinder boxes/charred cloth
  • knowing where to find natural replacements for a “flint”









$30.00 per person

including HST

Dates are Flexible
Minimum 4 people