Summer Adventures

There’s a place where you wake up to the fresh smell of pine and fall asleep to the twinkling of thousands of stars. Where the crackling of a fire means it’s almost time for dinner, and it feels like your only true necessity is great company. That’s Canada, and we want to take you there.

Wild Adventures Canada specializes in guided, all-inclusive adventure trips through Algonquin Park. Known as one of the  most beautiful and historic parks in the country, Algonquin is a world-class destination for canoeing and outdoor adventure. Wild Adventures Canada will show you some of the most spectacular clear lakes, canyons, wild life and scenic views our country has to offer. We provide our guests with top-of-the-line equipment to keep you comfortable, and experienced guides to keep you safe. Take your Canadian wilderness adventures with us.


What is included:

  • Professional Guide
  • Camping Equipment - Backpack, Tent, Air Mattress, Sleeping Bag with Liner
  • Snacks and Delicious Home Cooked Meals (No Freeze Dried Food)
  • Camping and Parking Permits

What to expect:

  • World-Class Wildlife Viewing - Moose, Deer, Beavers, and Loons can all be seen
  • Fishing for Algonquin’s Legendary Speckled Trout
  • Day Hiking
  • Scavenging for Wild Edibles
  • Safety Instruction